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  • 商品名称: Intelligent movable garbage compressor
  • Product Number: FY-M-80A
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Mobile garbage compressor equipment features: Europe's leading technology to ensure reliable operation and efficient operation; The use of economic and pollution-free power as a power source, the equipment operation noise is small, low operating costs; Small footprint, no civil construction or simply civil construction, economical and practical, to solve the problem of urban location, suitable for all kinds of garbage collection and transport; To achieve the separation of the trunk, equipment and transfer station separation, flexible, easy to manage coordination, improve the utilization of vehicles and equipment; Using intelligent electronic key to ensure that only authorized personnel to operate and debug equipment, safe and reliable; Using the most advanced microcomputer control system, with memory and self-diagnostic function, according to different conditions of intelligent adjustment processing procedures; from the display is very intuitive to display the amount of garbage inside the box, while the compressor operating conditions With the legend automatically displayed on the display, effectively prompt the device failure and the corresponding solution, image, intuitive; Patented rear door locking and sealing structure to ensure that the operation and transportation process will not occur secondary pollution; Patent sucker sucking device to ensure that the trash (bucket) unloading process running smoothly and safely. 
item unit parameter
Mobile garbage compressor   FY-M-50A FY-M-80A
Outline dimensions(length;width;height mm 4535x1900x2130 7145x2500x2520
dimensions of dustbinlength;width;height mm 3535x1900x2130 5145x2500x2520
Size of dog-house((length;width mm 1200x1600 1700x2050
bucket capacity   6-10 15-25
operating power Kw 3 5.5
Density of garbage block t/m 0.85 0.85
Maximum compressive force kN 230 340
Voltage V 380 380
Quality of the Whole machine kg 6000 8000
Weight of garbage block kg 12000 24000
Capacity for garbage disposal (8 hours per day) t 50 100
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