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  • 商品名称: Internal lift type horizontal garbage compressor
  • Product Number: FY-L-80A
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Horizontal type garbage compressor equipment features: (1) high efficiency: due to the staff to manipulate the controller, 7 minutes to complete the loading and unloading; (2) to optimize the combination, the failure rate is low: set down -> pressure -> push as one of the process, the cylinder compression introduced dual-use; reduce multi-component parts of the resulting fault source, failure failure rate; (3) no pollution: garbage compression, storage are in the ground, good sealing, sewage treatment from the row; (4) save space: handsome in appearance, free from geographical restrictions; (5) The product already has a "high capacity garbage compression box" patent. Suitable for all kinds of garbage collection and compression and transport; (6) using underground placement, centralized sewage treatment, no secondary pollution, clean and sanitary. Horizontal type garbage compressor technical parameters:       
item unit parameter
Horizontal type garbage compressor   FY-L-50A FY-L-80A
Outline dimensions(length;width;height mm 6700x2400x2480 8400x2460x2840
dimensions of dustbinlength;width;height mm 3850x1730x1200 4210x1950x1380
Dimensions of garbage block(length;width;height mm 2900x1730x1200 3010x1950x1380
Size of dog-house((length;width mm 1630x850 1850x1200
Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 19 19
Density of garbage block t/m 0.8 0.8
Maximum compressive force kN 480 600
Motor power kW 11 15
Voltage V 380 380
Rated lifting altitude m 2.4 3
Quality of the Whole machine kg 7400 10000
Weight of garbage block kg 5000 7000
Capacity for garbage disposal (8 hours per day) t 50 80-100
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