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  • 商品名称: Vertical garbage compressor equipment
  • Product Number: FY-V-50A
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Vertical garbage compressor equipment features: (1) the use of three cylinders compressed garbage, compression force is greater, the whole height is low, suitable for old urban old transit station reconstruction; (2) structural strength, advanced anti-corrosion treatment: the whole machine using high-quality high-strength structural steel production, the overall structure of the strength, and the market compared to the same model is obvious, the whole machine using advanced anti-corrosion treatment technology, effectively extend the service life; (3) garbage hopper height is high, good adaptability; (4) garbage compression process can be automatically achieved fast forward, compression and holding pressure adjustment to achieve the desired compact compaction density; (5) automatic correction function: When the trash can need to improve, the pressure on the box on the box can automatically find the box on the lifting seat and automatically stop waiting for hanging box lifting, to avoid artificial error is caused by accident ; (6) the use of PLC control technology, garbage compression cycle can be fully automated operation, and can switch fully automatic and manual operation, greatly improving the reliability of the equipment. Vertical garbage compressor technical parameters:
item unit parameter
Vertical garbage compressor   FY-V-50A FY-V-80A
Outline dimensions(length;width;height mm 6080x3240x5400 6700x3500x5600
dimensions of dustbinlength;width;height mm 6080x1600x1200 6700x1750x1400
Dimensions of garbage block(length;width;height mm 1650x1600x1200 1900x1750x1400
Size of dog-house((length;width mm 1650x1600 1950x1750
Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 19 19
Density of garbage block t/m 0.9 0.9
Maximum compressive force kN 1000 1000
Motor power kW 7.5+7.5 15+11
Voltage V 280 380
Rated lifting altitude m 1.6 1.6
Quality of the Whole machine kg 16000 18000
Weight of garbage block kg 58000 8000
Capacity for garbage disposal (8 hours per day) t 50 80-100
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